Principle #6 – The best things are the hard things

There is a way of living that seeks the path of least resistance (and it’s pretty popular). Life filled with ease and comfort and numbness. Stuck on the couch with the tv on waiting for the next notification from the phone; eyes glazed over and dissatisfied hearts. Believing what everyone else does to fit in and because it is easy. Living in isolation with only digital relationships and UPS deliveries. Life is meant to be so much more.

The best things are the hard things.

I don’t have a good memory (you probably already knew that), but the best things stick and they were hardest to do. Getting up too early to ski up a mountain in high winds and low temps, bikepacking through Colorado with 6 adults and 8 kids under 8 yrs old, elaborate holiday celebrations with too many good friends and too little space.

This principle is not just about making memories though, it’s also the path to true and full life. “For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Mt 7:14

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